Swamped Chapter 46 Page 11

You decide to get in the driver’s seat, next to Yvonne. You can yell at Long later.

For now, you ask Yvonne to lead you some distance away, but not so far you can’t watch. You want to know what the hell’s going on.

The circle of crows opens slightly as you approach. Somehow, that seems worrying. Are they actually keeping you in? They’re just crows.

Crows who showed up with a servant of the gods.

Regardless, Yvonne leads the wagon around the oasis a bit, and hands you a pair of long goggles. Seems she’s been holding onto those for a while.

You look through, but you see pretty much the same scene. The woman’s still chanting, and the giant crow is keeping its distance. You can’t see how that’s going to do her much good, since her voice has to give out eventually and her allies don’t seem to be able to do much.

Suddenly, you feel the wind picking up. You put down the long goggles to make sure your mask is secure.

That’s when you spot something even stranger than the giant crow. There’s a robed figure just floating through the air up ahead, and the winds seem to be flowing around them.

They look like they’re headed for the oasis. Maybe this is who the crow’s really after, and the others are just underlings.

You look to Yvonne. She seems as baffled as you are.

So. What now?

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Alright, better pump Long to see what he knows. You don’t like being in the dark. Might as well debrief Simone at the same time and see what we know about the kidnappers and their motives.