Swamped Chapter 46 Page 8

You doubt you can throw your mudpike anywhere near high enough to hit that thing. You’re not even sure it would do anything if you could – a crow that big is almost certainly magical.

You look around desperately in hopes of finding some guidance, but Long seems as baffled as you. Rudolph’s digging in the sand, probably for shelter. Yvonne’s too focused on Simone…

Wait. Simone’s standing up. Wasn’t she supposed to be unconscious?

“Cover your ears!” she shouts suddenly, as she pulls something out of her pocket.

You don’t expect to get an explanation, so you oblige.

Simone aims the device upwards, and you follow it with your eyes. The giant crow seems to be having trouble flying for some reason.

It slowly makes its way down, crashing right near you.

Then it fixates on Simone. She puts down the device, and you figure now’s a good time to uncover your ears. You might need to fight, after all.

The crow walks towards Simone, and opens its beak.

“We are not here for you. Do not interfere further,” it says. Except you’re pretty sure it didn’t actually say the words, it was just a bunch of loud caws. But that’s what you understood it as saying.

The hell are you supposed to do now?

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Try to shepherd everyone back into the wagon while you keep your mudpike braced and ready for any sudden attacks.

But Long is hard to wrangle for some reason.