Swamped Chapter 46 Page 4

“Okay, so you gave Ash a good hard knock on the head, I can respect that,” you say. “But you’ve got to think ahead! Have you even thought about how this hostage situation is going to go? What if we get there and they think she’s free because she turned against her partner, and maybe her boss?”

“They would not,” says the woman. “We serve loyally, and always will.”

“I already told you, I couldn’t see a better option,” Long says. “And if there is one, well, it’s a bit late to tell her otherwise. If you do have another idea, then I’ll be quite happy to hear about it once this is all taken care of.”

“Yeah, but who’s going to explain this to the kidnapper? Do you even have a plan for that?”

You can see that Rudolph has gotten quite a bit closer. Not close enough to be obviously threatening… but close enough to get a good blow in if she tries to hurt Long. At least, if Rudolph’s throwing range is anything like Crosswinds’.

You’re now Yvonne.

The meeting site is about ten minutes out from here. You’re more than a little nervous – Simone’s in danger, after all. You just want to get there as soon as you can.

So being delayed by a sandraptor pack in the middle of migration is, naturally, more than a little inconvenient. While they don’t seem too concerned with your wagon, there’s enough of them that you won’t be able to take the most direct route. And you worry that if they delay you too long, the kidnapper might grow impatient and get the idea that you’ve written Simone off.

How should you deal with this?

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Caulk the wagon and ford the raptors

Sand raptors like to keep their lizard worms safe from predators and scavengers, so they might be naturally inclined to give your wagon a large berth…

But only if you can make the most convincing bird calls they’ve ever heard.