Swamped Chapter 46 Page 2

You have a hunch that this plan wasn’t exactly approved by consensus. Maybe that’s just because you know that’s how Rider would handle a situation like this – take on all the risk, whether it’s a good idea or not, and don’t tell anybody else because then they might try to stop you.

Come to think of it, you recall some rumor to the effect that Rider trained Long once. It would hardly be surprising if they were cut from the same cloth.

Still… Long’s right about one thing, at least. She doesn’t gain anything from stabbing him except a swift death. Won’t be good for Simone, but it probably means you’re safe for a while.

You look next to your seat and give Rudolph a glance. He seems to have his eyes glued to the woman. You can see a disturbingly serious expression behind his goggles.

You remember Crosswinds had that same look when they first stumbled through the fortress doors. Maybe it’s a thing with grebling military. Rudolph definitely seems like someone who’s seen too much in his short life.

You consider signalling Rudolph to move towards the other side, just so he’s in a better position to act if needed. But the woman might catch on and do something desperate.

Still… if Rudolph’s closer, there’s a better chance he can save Long in a pinch. It might be worth the risk.

You need to give this some thought.

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Ah…I see…Long does have a history of putting everything on his shoulders (like when he spared with Rider on Bog Hill) but yeah I didn’t catch on to the setting.

Now Corvus trusts Rider, and Rider trusts Long, but this is the guy who put Ash in charge of the Bogknights, so Corvus has a few choice words for him.

Of course this is not the kind of conversation to have in front of the prisoners, he realizes after he’s already asked.

Author’s Note:

One of the suggestions after the previous updates didn’t make sense with my view of the scene, so I posted a clarification after this update. I’ll repeat it here:

Bob, you have some misconceptions about the scene. Maybe I didn’t lay things out clearly enough. Regardless, I tried to adapt your suggestions as best as I could to the actual scene, but I’ll clear it up now in case that helps you get ideas.

Everyone is inside Pubert’s wagon. There’s a post somewhere in there, which has previously been used to keep Pubert tied up.

Long and the female prisoner are on one side, Corvus and Rudolph are on the other. The latter two still standing by the post.

In case you’re wondering who’s driving, it’s Yvonne. This hasn’t been spelled out yet but it’s not like it’s meant to be a secret or anything.