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The answer strikes you suddenly, as you recall the various times Shorty’s distracted you by singing suddenly right in your ear.

It’s simple enough to do, so there’s no harm in it, even if the conversation isn’t that important.

It’s not so harsh, out in the marsh,
Once you get used to the smell;
A mere swamp beast will worry you least
When you know your old life was hell!

So go whole hog, dive into the bog,
Get yourself covered in muck!
It’s all just slime, it’ll vanish in time.
Who even gives a –

“What are you doing?” Captain Long suddenly asks you.

“Singing,” you say, without a hint of shame. “Gotta let off some stress somehow, right?”

You do, however, glance towards Marshall and Rivers as you answer him.

“I suppose we’re too shorthanded to complain about it,” he shrugs. “Regardless… I was just thinking it would be good for us to switch which prisoners we’re escorting.”

“What for?”

“I’ve had time to mull over some things from our interrogation,” he says. “I simply wish to talk to her about that.”

You shrug.

“Well, okay. Don’t see why she’d be too talkative when she just has to stall now, but I’ll leave that up to you.”

You and Long switch positions, while Rudolph watches to make sure nobody tries anything during the process. Then you continue on to the wagon.

You get your prisoner tied to the post, then you pause.

“What do we do about her?” you ask Long. “We’ve only got the one post.”

“That’s simple,” Long says. “I’m going to untie her, and she’s going to hold a dagger to my throat until the exchange is settled.”

You just stare at him.

“Run that by me again…”

“I simply wish to assure the other party that we intend to follow through on our side of the bargain. This was the best option we could see for doing so.”

“And what if they don’t follow through?”

“Well. The other fellow’s unarmed, and didn’t seem especially prepared to fight humans. I’m sure you and Rudolph can make such a decision have undesirable consequences.”

And with that, Long drags the prisoner to the other side of the wagon, unties her, and hands her a dagger. Moments later, the wagon starts moving.

So now what are you supposed to do?

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Inspect Rudolph.


You…don’t think Long okayed this with Rider…not to mention based off of what you heard, he has a tendency to try and put everything on his shoulders…not unlike Rider.

Frick, and Long left you here with the other prisoner so you wouldn’t go chasing after him. Can’t leave Rudolph alone with him. “Not prepared to fight a human” He just said that so you’d stay put.

You think Rudolph can catch up to the wagon, though…