Swamped Chapter 45 Page 5

The fact is, there’s only one person in this camp you really know. You barely talked with Long before now, and while there’s much you’d like to hear from Rider, you only really met him yesterday.

Right now, with all that’s happened, what you need most is the comfort of a familiar face. Even if it’s someone who doesn’t especially want to talk to you.

You finish dressing yourself, and head out.

You’re about to ask around about where Rivers is, but you spot her soon enough. She’s standing outside a tent much like the one you were staying in.

“What do you want?” she growls.

How should you reply?

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It doesn’t take a wizard to know she’s worried about Starling.

Wait, is she holding a pineapple? (Or “scalefruit” or whatever)

You..didn’t try to just bite into that did you, Rivers? I have a slicer if you want to share some.

Tell her a story to cheer her up.