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You’d best see to Marshall. You’re the only other Bogknight here, after all – assuming you haven’t been kicked out or declared dead, of course.

Regardless, you head to the tent where Marshall is staying.

As you step in, Dominique gives you a harsh glare.

“Leave the cloak outside,” she says. “I’ve got enough trouble with my readings already.”

“I apologize,” you say, handing it off to a grebling who was clearly hastily recruited for guard duty. “I hadn’t realized it still had any power.”

“I think your little apprentice here might have inadvertently recharged it,” she says. “You didn’t notice?”

You wince at the word “apprentice”. That’s opened some old wounds. But you leave it aside for now.

“How are you doing, Marshall?”

Marshall looks up at you.

“Well, Dominique says it’s safe for me to get dressed soon.” There’s a brief pause. “Sir, are you really a wizard?”

You could go into great detail about the answer to that question, but you settle for the simple one.

“Not any more,” you say.

You’re now Marshall. You feel like you’ve missed a lot today.

Captain Long has stopped in to check on you. Is there anything you want to talk to him about?

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