Swamped Chapter 44 Page 6

“What did you steal before you were attacked?”

“Don’t know,” Pubert says. “This was ages ago, and I didn’t get a chance to actually see the loot.”

“Surely you must have some idea who you robbed.”

“Well, yeah. It was one of those fancy wagons the royal couriers of Lacran travel in. Y’know, the ones for delivering gifts to other royals, that sort of thing. There were a bunch of guards, but we got the jump on them, grabbed all the loot, and headed back home.”

“And you aren’t aware of anything unusual among the cargo?”

“I only grabbed two bags of coins. I wasn’t exactly that high up the ladder, so if there was anything important there, I didn’t get a look at it before the assault. Then again, if there was something more important than jewels or letters, they probably would’ve had more guards.”

“When was this?”

“Let’s see… oh, right, it was a few months after Lacran’s old queen died. I remember a couple of the other bandits were joking we might find her corpse in there.”

Hmm. This is intriguing, but Pubert doesn’t seem to know much more about it. Perhaps there’s something else you can clarify with some more questioning. On the other hand, perhaps this is all you’re going to get, and you should leave Pubert for now and go deal with other matters.

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Letters are important Pubert. Your life was spared with a letter. The right letter can win or lose a kingdom. Even you should know that.

Send everyone back. You have your own letter to deliver.