Swamped Chapter 43 Page 8

You’re pretty sure you know who caught you, and as it happens, you still don’t have a proper mask. You can spot your hastily-requisitioned mask and boots on the floor nearby.

So you may as well get some spit ready. You start saving it up just as you see someone step in, and let out a big blast in their face.

It’s not Pubert, though. It’s… Rivers? She wipes her goggles and glares at you.

“You could take a second to see who you’re spitting at, you know.”

You’re more than a little confused.

“I heard an alarm, I thought Pubert kidnapped me…”

“They tried. Didn’t get very far. Rider just told their desert-horse to stop.”

You chuckle a little.

“Why take me as a hostage, though? I’d imagine it would be easier to grab a grebling.”

“We scratch,” says a grebling as she steps in. You don’t recognize her. “Safer to grab a human if you’re in a rush, especially if they’re not very alert. Now, let’s get you back to the medical tent.”

She drops your uniform on the floor.

“By the by, Rosemary’s woken up and she’s not very happy with you. I recommend you apologize fast.”

You’re now Pubert.

You’re facing the piercing gaze of a man calling himself Captain Long. You’ve got no idea who he is, but he dresses like a wizard, aside from the unusually thick armor he’s wearing.

And he’s asking why, exactly, you were in such a hurry to get away when you found out about the other prisoners.

What are you going to say to him?

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Lie! Lie! Get him to pity you. People pity you all the time.