Swamped Chapter 43 Page 6

You consider just using the confusion to your advantage and getting back to the medical tent. Whatever that alarm is about, they’ll be more focused on that…

You catch yourself just before you rush out. Stupid! You’re wearing the cloak one of those intruders had. If you head out like this, you’ll get caught, and worse, you’ll divert attention away from whatever the actual trouble is.

Perhaps you’re sicker than you thought. This is far from the first time you’ve gone poking around in places you’re not supposed to be, but you’re not usually this reckless about it. Maybe you really do need rest.

Well, you’ll get some, sure. Maybe you’ll even let them catch you. As long as you manage to hold onto these keys…

Your train of thought is derailed as a colorful wasp flies into the tent. You find yourself staring at it, forgetting everything on your mind.

At least until you feel something hard hit you in the head.

When you wake up, you find yourself tied up to a post, in a room that looks quite familiar now that you think about it.

And it feels like it’s moving. Which your stomach very much doesn’t appreciate.

What now?

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These bonds aren’t very tight. Let’s wriggle out of them!