Swamped Chapter 43 Page 4

You remember seeing a bird when you first arrived here, just before you started feeling sick.

And you recall the sounds it made. Some of them were grebling language, according to Simone, but it also had its own distinctive squawk.

So you hide behind a large crate and start squawking.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell how well your little ruse is working, because the greblings who scrambled in are speaking in their own language. You’re confident in your ability to mimic animal calls, but you don’t know if they’ve noticed anything out of place.

Or if they’re saying something along the lines of, “let’s check behind this big crate”.

It’s unsettling, but you calm yourself a bit when you recall that you did manage to get ahold of the keys. If you can just slip back to the medical tent, you should be able to try the keyring out on the chest there, and hopefully get your uniform back.

But before that, you’re going to need to figure out how to get out of here unnoticed.

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Wait is that the alarm? Did someone spot another raider?

Oh, maybe it was a marshguard running around dressed as a raider.