Swamped Chapter 43 Page 3

You think it’s worth the chance. You wrap yourself in a sheet, slip the grebling’s boots awkwardly onto your toes, and rush out to the next tent.

There’s nobody here. It seems to be a storage tent, judging by all the boxes lying around. You briefly wonder if there might be clothes in here, but then you realize they’d be for greblings.

That’s when you notice two human-sized cloaks laid out on a box. You think the woman you tackled earlier was wearing one of them. You decide to take a closer look.

Unfortunately, the cloaks don’t seem to include any protective gear. Probably better than your bedsheet, though, so you grab one. It’s comfortable around your shoulders, but you’d feel a good deal better if you had your armor.

You notice there are several chests like the one back in the medical tent. And looking around, you spot a ring of keys on top of a stack of crates.

Well. It’s worth a try, at least. You head over and reach for the keys. The stack’s a bit tall, but you think you can reach if you stretch a bit…

That’s when the box comes crashing down and opens, with dozens of spiky fruits falling out. You hear shouting and footsteps – unsurprisingly, all that noise has gotten the attention of the greblings.

Now what are you going to do?

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Hide in a pile of clothes!

And open the tent and make bird noises so they’ll think a sandymocker spilled the fruits.


Starling> you are kick-ass at making bird noises (and animal noises in general) none of these other punks even come close.