Swamped Chapter 43 Page 2

Someone around here probably has a key. Maybe whoever’s standing watch outside.

You walk over to the door and take a look. It’s not someone you’ve seen before, but they’re not armed – probably because when you get down to it, this isn’t a military camp and most of the people around are unlikely to have combat training.

So they likely won’t see it coming if you grab them.

You take a quick glance through the flap to see if anyone else is around, then pull the grebling inside, and strike them on the head just hard enough to knock them out.

Unfortunately, you can’t find a key. That seems shortsighted – what if there were an emergency and you had to leave?

On the other hand, the grebling does have a mask. It’s a bit small for you, but it’s passable. You can probably get by covering the rest of your face with a bedsheet.

Your body is another matter. You’ve heard plenty about how the sand is what made everyone back at the fortress sick, and right now you don’t even qualify as dressed. And the grebling’s uniform is much too small for you.

Well. There’s another tent nearby. You wouldn’t need to be out for more than a minute, so you could probably get by without full protection. If it turns out the key is in there, you might be able to get back in here and put on your uniform.

But you can’t be sure who’s in that tent. The canvas is too thick for you to see any silhouettes inside. You might be spotted the moment you stepped in, or even sooner.

Do you chance it, or do you come up with another plan?

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Go for it!

Hey! Theres…a pile of sand in here!

Wait, this is that raider lady’s cloak! Welp. Don’t mind if you do…

oh hey! This cloak has some Te’Reshe written on it! You can’t read it but you bet Rivers could. Where is she anyway?