Swamped Chapter 43 Page 1

You’re now Starling, and you’re not happy about being stuck in bed.

Sure, you’re sick. But it’s not the first time this has happened. You’re already past the worst of it now. Even if your stomach is still protesting, it’s not as if you can’t stand up and walk. But no, the medic insists you stay in bed until they have the herbs ready.

But that’s such a waste. You never planned on going to the desert, but there are so many new animals to see here. How can you squander this time lying in bed?

You can’t. So you get up and head over to the chest where they’re keeping your uniform.

It’s locked. Naturally. You already got up and got into a fight with that woman earlier, so they’ve probably opted to keep you from getting out too easily. You’re not fool enough to go out into the desert in just an infirmary gown.

You’re also going to have to slip by the grebling standing outside the entrance. This tent seems to be important enough to have a floor, probably to keep the desert sands from making sicknesses worse. So you can’t just slip under the canvas, at least not without damaging it and getting yourself in more trouble.

So. How are you going to get proper protection, and get yourself outside unnoticed?

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Nick a key to the storage locker from an unconscious greb. Make them unconscious if need be.
Those sand folks you met earlier didn’t have masks. They just wrapped some bedsheets around their faces!