Swamped Chapter 42 Page 13

“Tell him to leave them with the idea that we’re running tests with darkwood. There’s plenty of baseless superstitions about darkwood explosions when it gets near magic, so it may help us pin down how much these two know about their gear. Which, in turn, could give us insight into the employer who provided them.”

“Got it. Anything else?”

“Not really. One thing’s been on my mind a while, though – the masks remind me of a series of rumors, about a kingdom that bolted masks onto the faces of their condemned prisoners and sent them on secret missions, only removing the bolts if they were successful. But every time I heard that rumor, they claimed a different kingdom was responsible. Hardly credible, of course, but it’s a potential angle to pursue.”

You quickly scrawl down Long’s suggestions, and pop out to tell Rudolph about them. Then you head back into the meeting. Ugh, there’s so much happening right now, you’re having trouble keeping track of it all.

For just a fleeting moment, you wish you could see this mess through someone else’s eyes.

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You’re a spunky kid and just puked your guts out but you feel a little better and are super proud about decking that masked lady earlier.

You are currently on a very important mission called: The case of the rainbow tailed lizard! Where you sneak around the camp trying to find a cool lizard you saw. (while also trying to convince others and yourself that you are not sick you are completely FIN-*BLUGABLUGABLAAAG* Fine. You’re completely fine.)