Swamped Chapter 42 Page 11

Hmm. You think a bit longer, and wonder if you can get them questioning how much their boss really values them.

You spent plenty of time working for bad bosses. That was pretty much your whole life before the swamp, and it’s not like you got on great with most of your squad leaders. Rider’s the first person to give you orders who actually seemed to give a damn about you.

So this is something you probably have some insight on. You know a lot about what makes a terrible boss, and you think you have an idea. You turn to Rudolph.

“We ought to tell Rider and Yvonne that the prisoners are awake,” you say. “Go and do that, and see if they’ve got any orders for us.”

He nods, and rushes off. Your plan when he comes back is simple; start griping about working under Rider, and encourage him to do the same. You don’t even need to get too serious about it, just be sure to drop some comments that should worry the prisoners if their boss is like that.

You’re now Yvonne again.

You spent some time on your own trying to think, but you couldn’t get anywhere. Then Rudolph turned up and told you the prisoners are awake.

So you ask him to wait just outside to wait for further instructions while you tell the others the news. You go back in, inform them all that the prisoners are awake now, and ask if anyone has any orders or recommendations for the interrogators that you can pass along before resuming the discussion.

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We need to have someone analyze the contents of that vial (very carefully) to gather more info about those with whom we’re dealing.


Long has a pretty sneaky plan, expect nothing less from the wizard of the swamp.