Swamped Chapter 42 Page 9

“Okay. You won’t tell us how. So how about you take a look for yourself. We’ll let you loose, give you a sheet so we can’t see you take her mask off or how you do it, and you can make your own judgement on if she’s okay.”

It’s really hard to read him, but after a minute or so, he relents.

“Fine. Let me loose.”

“This probably goes without saying, but don’t try to escape.”

“I will cooperate.”

You nod to Rudolph, who stands at the tent entrance. You untie the prisoner, and grab a thick bedsheet from a nearby rack. He looks at his partner on the nearby table, covers himself with the bedsheet, and… well, you can’t really tell what he’s doing now, that’s the whole point.

A few minutes later, he takes down the bedsheet. His partner is sitting up, mask on. He returns to the chair, and you tie him up again without incident.

“Good to see you’re okay,” you say to his partner. “So, I don’t suppose you’re feeling talkative?”

She doesn’t say anything.

“Figured as much.”

So. Now what do you do?

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She woke up quick…that’s odd…

Still, disgruntled, uncooperative people who won’t work with you. Yeah, you’re familiar with this.

Offer them a drink (the regular water kind). They’ll probably won’t say anything like when you asked the first time, but they have to be thirsty. You’ll even leave them alone to drink in privacy like before.(one hand untied for each should be enough)

Of course, these tents all have shallow tunnels connecting them so the Greblings can still get around in a storm. It’s not up to you if Rudolph happens to be in one while they’re alone.