Swamped Chapter 42 Page 6

For just a moment, you consider doing something drastic to get the mask off. But you’ve already tried every tool the greblings have at hand – and that’s quite a variety.

You and Rudolph have also exhausted most of the old tricks you both know. Most of them rely on being able to understand the prisoner so you can adjust your methods based on how they react.

You even tried the old good guard-bad guard routine, but he seemed to treat both of you the same.

You briefly consider trying it again, with Rivers as the bad guard, but it’s hard to keep up a good guard demeanor around her. Starling might be able to handle it, but she’s sick, and besides, neither of them have any experience with interrogations.

So you decide to look from another angle. You’ve been on the other side of this equation, and you never cracked, at least not after you sobered up.

Maybe that’s the key here. When did you feel tempted to spill something?

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It’s Rudolph that has the idea. They leave without saying much, but return about ten minutes later, wheeling in their unconscious partner, now strapped to a gurney.

Then you get it, last time you were captured, you held out, but your biggest worry in the back of your mind was your team. But, the swamp was safe, relatively, you were never in any real danger from the Bogknights once Long took over and while your guard didn’t have a vendetta against you.

But Rudolph…they grab some pliers, and coldly, almost wordlessly, start snapping off a toe.

(At least…it looks like a toe – guess you’re playing good cop now?)


I know this is crazy, since you’re not Yvonne, but hear me out… there’s a thing you can do called “making bird noises” and I think this might be the perfect situation for it.

When the dune wanderers attacked the wagon, they seemed startled by Yvonne’s crow impression. If these prisoners react the same way, it might indicate a connection.