Swamped Chapter 42 Page 5

You’re now Corvus.

You and Rudolph are watching over the prisoners, waiting for one of them to wake up so you can ask some questions. One of them did, but you can’t understand a word he says, and you can’t get his mask off either.

You’ve been trying to threaten him in case he can speak Common, or any language either of you can understand, but he hasn’t taken you seriously. He doesn’t seem worried that you’ll actually do something to him.

You were thinking of taking the act further, maybe giving him a good punch. But he seems like the sort who might have something up his sleeve if you pulled that.

And while you were trying to make up your mind, you got distracted by Rudolph mumbling about how he’s never heard anything like that language, not even when he was working the inn at a major trading post. Then you felt like maybe you had heard it somewhere before, but you couldn’t place it. Someone in the swamp? A Guild customer you overheard ages ago?

All you’ve managed to remember is that you had a pounding headache at the time, so it would have been back when you were still drinking. No wonder it’s not fresh in your memory.

You’re not even sure it would help much if you can remember, so you’re right back where you started. Do you hit this jerk? Try to figure out where you could have heard this weird language before? Or take on another tactic entirely?

You wish you could just make up your damn mind.

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But first, send Rudolph out and ask him to get Rivers.

If there’s one thing you and Rivers gel at, it’s a good interrogation. It’s part of what made getting that meeting with Jackson so difficult. You think her distain for your authority and your frustration at her insubordination that make for a toxic but surprisingly effective interrogation team.

As long as she hasn’t had some recent self-realization or internal understanding you two will be able to crack this nut.