Swamped Chapter 41 Page 15

You make a show of looking as though you’re sipping the tea, just in case the servants can inform their master once the voice box is installed.

After a good few minutes of that, you head behind the privacy curtain and dump the tea in the chamberpot. And just to complete the illusion, you take the chance to relieve yourself, awkward as it is with a human-sized device. That should discourage your host from looking too closely into the contents.

Once that’s done, you wander over to the bed and make a show of falling asleep. Not much to do now except wait.

You’re now Yvonne, and you’ve got a lot to deal with.

You tried to interrogate your captives, but they’re both unconscious and you haven’t been able to take their masks off. Seems whoever sent them really doesn’t want them being identified.

And then you got an arrow fired right into the middle of camp with a note on it. A ransom note about Simone. They’re demanding a prisoner exchange. There’s an unusual mark in place of a signature, not that you know what it means.

The note gives you about two hours to comply. So the first thing you need to do is hold a meeting. You fully expect to hand the prisoners over, but you want to work out if there’s anything you can do while you’ve got them, and what to do if you get double-crossed.

So. Who are you going to consult with on this?

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The Rider seems to have good gut instincts, and more experience dealing with ne’er-do-wells. Why not see what he thinks of the situation?

On the other hand, if these intruders have something to do with the humans in your camp, maybe that old Captain Long has some insight.