Swamped Chapter 41 Page 5

You can’t think of anything to do except take a look at the problem this “Host” has left for you. Even if he considers you disposable, working on this project might at least help you find a way out of here.

You look over the blueprints, and you soon realize the primary issue. The main focus of the voice box is making a wide variety of sounds, with little concern to how it spreads them. He’s not using any principles of sound magnification at all. As skilled as he seems to be in general, the Host must be a complete novice when it comes to acoustics.

You already worked out the principles for a basic sound magnifier. You never had the free time to actually construct it, but if you made a working one, all the Host would have to do is set up the smaller voice box to transmit through it. With the right materials, you could probably get something minimally functional in the space of an hour.

But then, you have no idea what the Host will do once your use to him is finished. So maybe you shouldn’t get to work just yet.

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Concot a daring escape plan except- aw crap. You already made it!


Friggin science blackouts. You just can’t help but tinker when you’re stressed.