Swamped Chapter 41 Page 3

You take a closer look at the lock. It seems to be sturdy; no matter how much you pull at the door, it doesn’t budge at all. Perhaps someone stronger could force it open, but it’s beyond what you can do.

So your next thought is to push it over, perhaps breaking it open. But it doesn’t move at all when you shove it. You look a little closer, and realize it’s bolted to the floor.

That gets you curious, so you take a look at the bed next. You lift up the sheet, and see that the bed is built down to the floor. There’s no space under it, not that you can reach, anyhow. And it’s also bolted down, to boot.

In fact, taking another look, every piece of furniture is bolted down. Even the chamberpot is in a small stand that’s bolted to the floor, and while you can remove it from the stand, it takes some effort. This room is even stranger than you realized.

There’s still one thing you haven’t looked at too closely, and that’s the sentries at the door. You don’t actually know what they’ll do if you try to leave; might as well find out.

You start walking towards the door. As you draw close, one of the servants moves directly in front of it. The other suddenly points a metal finger towards you. You’ve got no idea what that’s for.

You back away, and once you get near the bed they resume their positions.

Well. You’ve learned a bit more about your surroundings, but what are you even going to do with this information?

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Scream into the pillows.

Oh…huh. these pillow cases have a flame-shaped monogram…you know you’ve seen that symbol before…

Now why would everything be bolted down? Maybe it’s a ship of some sort. Does it feel like it’s rocking or shaking?