Swamped Chapter 41 Page 2

You decide to take a look around your luxurious prison.

Judging by the size of everything, you’re fairly sure this room is intended for humans. There also aren’t any windows, as far as you can tell. The only obvious exit is the door guarded by the mechanical servants.

You get up and take a closer look at the furnishings.

There’s a bookshelf, but none of the books seem to be in Common or any language you know. In fact, they don’t use Aedran lettering at all, which is very strange. Aedra once dominated the whole continent for a long time; even grebling languages use mostly the same letters.

So either these books are older than the Aedran Empire, which would be surprising given the good condition they’re in… or they’re from off-continent, which would mean someone’s found their way across the oceans somehow. Whichever it is, something very odd is going on here.

Aside from that, there’s a small wardrobe. It’s locked. You suppose hiding in it isn’t an option, and even if it was, these strange machine-people are watching your every move, so you wouldn’t stay hidden for long.

Everything else you can see seems mainly decorative, except for the privacy curtain in the corner with a chamberpot behind it. It’s human-sized, though, so not exactly fit for your needs.

Your best guess is that this is a human’s living quarters, and it’s been hastily converted to a prison cell because they don’t have anywhere else to put you. But the completely unfamiliar language and the mechanical servants suggest that you’re nowhere near the desert right now, or even on the same continent.

If that’s the case, you have no idea how you’ll explain anything if they show up to question you.

So what are you to do now?

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Try ripping off the lock on the wardrobe

If that doesn’t work (as expected), rock the wardrobe until it falls over, in hopes to smash it open

Can you look under the bed?

Can you get up next to the mechanical guards and examine them more closely? You’re curious what limits they might place on your behavior. Heck, maybe you can even try walking out the door.