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You can’t remember how you got here. You were on your way to the junkyard, then somewhere along the way you blacked out. You checked your suit before leaving, so you’re fairly sure desert fever isn’t the cause.

Even if it were, that still wouldn’t explain where you are. You’re sitting on a very comfortable bed, and there’s a strange mechanical person staring at you expectantly.

It looks as though it’s made entirely of metal, or at least the outer parts of it. But it’s dressed in a suit for some reason.

Two similarly-dressed mechanical servants are standing by the doorway, giving you the distinct impression that however comfortable it may be in here, you’re not permitted to leave.

“What do you want?” you ask the servant staring at you. With one of its metal limbs, it points to a tea set on the bedside table.

It doesn’t say a word. You suppose this is an offer of hospitality, such as it is.

Well, you haven’t eaten in a while, so you taste one of the biscuits and drink a cup of the tea.

It’s delicious. The biscuit’s even soft enough for your teeth to chew on.

The servant looks at you expectantly.

“It’s very good,” you say tentatively.

The servant motions to the tea set again. Maybe it’s asking if you want more?

“I’ve had enough for the moment, thank you.”

The servant bows, grabs the tea set, and heads towards the door.

Now what are you supposed to do?

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Examine the room, if you can get up