Swamped Chapter 40 Page 7

You don’t know where the thought came from, really. Probably just desperation.

But your mind works fast. Within moments of the idea popping into your head, you start making calculations. Every one of them confirms you what you already knew beforehand; leaping onto a lizard-worm in midair before it lands is almost certainly impossible. You can get just about enough height, but to land so precisely with such tight timing is beyond reasonable.

Your legs, however, insist on providing a counterexample before you’re even done with the calculations.

You have barely enough time to process what you just did before you leap again, spread your arms to deploy the glider flaps, and float towards the intruder, kicking her right in the face.

She falls backwards, and you start to feel a little faint.

You are now Simone.

What in the hells happened to you?

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You’re not entirely sure, but silent metal people are treating you like royalty. Lots of tea and biscuits.