Swamped Chapter 40 Page 5

“She jumped into the outhouse,” you say as you point to it. “Are you going to need backup…”

He’s already gone in before you finish asking. You’re about to head in after him when a few of your crew members turn up. You quickly direct their attention to the unconscious humans, and you hand the vial off to Max to study. Might as well figure out what she was trying to do.

After that, you head in to investigate the outhouse, bringing two of your crew with you. Rider is standing near the hole, his gaze pointing at the ground.

“She’s hiding under her cloak,” he says. “It blends in with the sand if it’s close enough to the ground. Don’t let her slip away.”

Well, he says that, but how exactly are you supposed to find her now?

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Something else finds her for you… And that’s not necessarily good news