Swamped Chapter 40 Page 4

You know she’s preparing for you to lunge again, so instead, you use what you have at hand. Namely, the sand.

You fling it at her hand as she pulls a small vial out of her cloak. You hit her hard enough that she drops the vial, and it falls towards the ground.

It lands softly in the sand, unharmed. The woman seems annoyed.

“Why couldn’t the ground be harder?” she mutters, as she rushes towards the vial. But you’re already making a grab for it. You pull it away just a moment before her foot steps on the spot where it was.

And a moment later, you hear a lot of shrieking, amidst a number of grebling words. Above all that, you hear a loud shout in Common.

“Stand down!”

The woman freezes for a moment, her hands already preparing to strike you. In a panic, she flees into a nearby tent. She might be looking for a hostage, or simply opting to escape without her partner.

Before you have time to process this, however, Rider returns, with the flock accompanying him.

“Where did the other one go? I couldn’t get a good look.”

You point to the tent, but you really should tell him what’s in there.

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There! In the outhouse!