Swamped Chapter 40 Page 1

“Sound the alarm!” you shout at Rudolph.

“Yes ma’am!” He rushes off to do that, leaving you to figure out what to do about the battle unfolding before your eyes.

Rider seems to be holding up well, but you can’t bring yourself to just sit back and watch. You need to help, somehow.

And more and more lately, you’ve been falling back on bird calls when you aren’t sure what to do. But you doubt crow calls will do much here.

Sandy-mocker calls, on the other hand, might be quite useful. When they’re not mimicking grebling language, they give a distinctive shriek, which you let out promptly once you’re closer to the fight.

The sandy-mocker flock descends, shrieking incessantly and flying through the battle site. Rider is unperturbed, and soon disarms the one with the bladed disc. However, that isn’t the end of the fight, as the raider seems more than a little adept at unarmed combat.

But, you notice, the other raider is slipping away in the confusion. If this is the same group that attacked the wagon yesterday, they’ll likely be after the lodestone, or perhaps even your compass.

So what should you do now?

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Run and jump on her back to take her out.

Which would have worked great, if someone else didn’t beat you to it.