Swamped Chapter 4 Page 26

You find a few picture books, this time double-checking to make sure they aren’t by Juliet. You find one about frogs and snails, and one about some pigs.

You also find an interesting book about sleight of hand tricks. It’s hard to read at your skill level, but it has illustrations, and it might be a skill worth developing.

You wonder if you might find a book about the rain, but a thorough search of the shelf turns up nothing. Well, not nothing, exactly, but Beauties of the Bog doesn’t really seem like your kind of reading material. You also can’t see much use for these instructions on using the oven, other than perhaps finding out how to keep it from igniting the swamp gas. John, John, Tom, and the Rain has a promising title, but it turns out to just be a hollow book with a bottle in it. You decide that it’s probably for the best to leave that alone.

You suppose it’s not that surprising. The rain is a sore spot for most of the knights, so few would be interested in reading about it. Though the medic’s bookshelf seems an odd place to hide your bottles.

Regardless, you think these three books should be a more interesting read. You thank John Medic for his time again, and head out towards the lounge. You’re thinking of asking Lisa about the advanced rules for Swamprats, even though you doubt you’ll play it very well.

But this time, you don’t see Lisa right away when you arrive at the lounge. In fact, it’s unusually crowded inside. What could be going on here?

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Someone reported a raindrop. Everyone’s really nervous.

Awww, someone brought in a friendly swamp chicken!

Lover’s quarrel