Swamped Chapter 4 Page 25

You decide to see John Medic again. You head to your room first so you can return the books.

When you arrive, he’s bandaging up someone’s arm. You don’t know who the poor fellow is, but he looks about ten years older than you and he’s heavily bruised.

“Should’ve been more careful,” he mutters. “I know better than to split off from the team that far out from base. Shouldn’t count on the Marshguards still holing up after the rain.”

“There’s no need to be so hard on yourself. You may have taken a few hard blows, but you’re still here and your squad’s safe.”

“But I ought to know better! I was just promoted to Corporal, dammit! What kind of example am I setting for the younger knights?”

“You’re reassuring them that even an experienced knight can have trouble readjusting to combat after a storm. And don’t sell yourself short as an officer – after all, you kept your squad from doing anything reckless once you had a chance to disengage.”

“Yeah, so they could lug my aching backside all the way here! But nah, you’re right, Medic. I’m too focused on the negative. Maybe it’ll get easier once the pain goes away.”

“You should be mostly pain-free in two days, but I wouldn’t recommend returning to field work for at least a week. Assuming no complications arise, of course.”

“Ha! Suits me fine. Don’t think the Captain’s going to be happy about it, though.”

“If he has a problem with it, he can take it up with me. Try to stay off that arm, even when the pain’s gone down. Otherwise, check in with me again in two days.”

The knight walks off, and John Medic waves at you.

“Hello, Marshall. It seems we’re starting to get our first waves of combat injuries today. Nothing too serious yet, obviously, but I expect to have a heavier workload. So, I may not have much time for impromptu social calls.”

“Oh, that’s all right,” you say. “I came to return these.”

“Finished already? Or were the books not what you had in mind?”

You shrug a little.

“I think they gave me a bit of a nightmare. Woke up with a start in the middle of the night.”

“Ah. Are you feeling well-rested, then?”

“Not when I got up, doing all right now I think.”

He nods.

“Well, let me know if you have any more trouble sleeping. And would you like any other books? I don’t mind lending them out if you’re interested.”

Well, what do you say to that?

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A book about frogs, snails, and a bitter rivalry
A story about some pigs and how their various houses hold up against a ravenous enemy
A book on magic tricks (sleight of hand etc)! The text looks difficult but it has helpful pictures.

A book that, after 2 pages in, you realize is an instruction manual for the ovens used in the cafeteria

An embarrassing swamp porn book.

A book that’s actually just a bottle of scotch

A book called John, John, Tom, and the Rain describing some of the effects of the rain