Swamped Chapter 4 Page 20

“Oh. Of course it’s the newbie screaming.”

It’s Tom Eighth, or at least you think that was his number. He’s got some nerve complaining.

“Is everything okay?” someone else asks, and you see that Stacy is outside your door too. She actually seems more alert than she did yesterday morning. Maybe she’s more of a night owl.

“Just, had a nasty dream,” you say. Tom is unimpressed.

“Listen to me, newbie. Everyone who’s been here for more a few years has nightmares. We’re soldiers, it comes with the job. You’d best learn to deal with it, or you won’t last a day when the fighting gets serious.”

He storms off.

“Don’t let him get to you too much,” Stacy says, yawning. “He’s always like that around new recruits. If he bothers you, just tell the officers.”

“Thanks,” you say. You still feel a little embarrassed.

“Are you all right now? Do you think you can get back to sleep? It would be terrible if you nodded off during swim practice, after all.”

She has a point, but the truth is you’re still a bit shaken up from the nightmare. And Tom didn’t exactly calm you down. Still, maybe you just need a little time, rather than doing anything in particular.

Will you just go back to sleep, or do you think you need to do something first?

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