Swamped Chapter 4 Page 17

“Pepper!” he exclaims suddenly. “That is, his nickname was Pepper. Though the knights here tended to call him Five-Eyes.”


“Well, he wore glasses, but the other part of it was that he wasn’t very good at counting. Anyhow, I didn’t tease him like that, though he never seemed to mind it that much.”

“The stories aren’t that scary.”

“Well, it’s worth considering that he was in a prison cell when he wrote it. The book might read differently if you keep that in mind.” He smiles, and starts walking off. “I do appreciate that you’re taking an interest in books, though. Reading is not the most popular of pasttimes around here. Feel free to come by during your free time tomorrow if you’d like to talk, though; I have a more flexible schedule than most here.”

You thank him and head back to your room. It’s been quite a busy day, and you could use some rest.

You decide to take another look at Pepper’s book, bearing in mind what you now know about the author. You glance at the table of contents and try to decipher the story titles before picking an interesting one.

Which story will you read?

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