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You settle on a picture book about a very hungry insect, and a book of “terrifying tales” about an abandoned house in the middle of the swamp. You thank John Medic for his time, and head over to the mess hall to pass some time while you wait for your dinner.

You soon find that the “terrifying tales” are actually somewhat pathetic, at least from what you can make out. The picture book, on the other hand, leaves you feeling very disturbed as it goes on in great detail on the remnants of the caterpillar’s meals.

“Hey, that’s my book,” you suddenly hear. You look up to see Juliet Corser smiling at you. “I put it together during the last rainstorm, and gave it to the medic when he was asking for contributions.”

You glance at the cover, and sure enough, you can make out the name “Juliet Corser” on there.

“This is very, um, detailed art,” you say. Frankly, it’s a little off-putting, but you don’t feel comfortable telling her that.

“I got the idea when I saw a few half-eaten animal carcasses shortly after I finished training. But I didn’t have the time to put it together until the storm. I think it’s not bad for my first work.”

You feel a bit lost for words, and for the first time since you arrived here, the blandness of the swamp mush feels like a blessing. You decide to change the subject.

“Was this book written by a Bogknight, too?” you ask, holding up the book of not-so-scary stories.

“Hmm. Don’t recognize the name, but it’s not as if I know everyone here. John Recordkeeper does like to help creatively-minded knights to put books together, though, so it’s possible. You could always ask him about it.”

“Where would I find him?”

“Over in the archives. Oh, hang on, they’re serving dinner now, I’d best get to eating. Do let me know if you’d like to see more of my work.”

She runs off, though you quickly realize that this means you can get dinner as well. You walk up to the counter and take your bowl of mush, which is about all you can handle after reading Juliet’s book.

It still takes you a good fifteen minutes to get through the bowl. By that time, the mess hall is quite crowded and you can’t make out anyone you recognize.

You’re planning to turn in for the night soon, but you’ve still got some time to do something else first. If you can think of anything.

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See what Inventor Tom is working on. I forget his number, was it eighth?

Try to see if you can find out where the archives. tomorrow morning you can have a little practice finding your way around if you can still remember how to get there!