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You decide to use the time to improve your reading skills. You head over to the infirmary to see if John Medic will lend you some, or if he can tell you if there’s somewhere else you can find books.

But as you head in, you see that he’s busy examining someone. Someone who looks a bit exhausted, and bruised. You stay back and listen in.

“I’m going to need to have a talk with the captain about how you’ve been pulling too much night duty lately, Ninth,” John grumbles. “Between that and your capture, you really need rest. I’m giving you two days off right now. After that, we’ll take another look at how you’re doing.”

“It’s not even the hours. It’s that Eighth keeps working on his project when I’m trying to sleep,” the knight yawns.

“Well, for now I suggest you try to sleep when he does and I’ll try to get you on a schedule where you can do that regularly. If not, I’ll have a talk with Eighth about being mindful of people on the night shift.”

“Right, thanks.” The knight gets up, and just glances at you briefly as he walks past.

“Oh! Marshall. I hope you’re not here to get an injury checked out again. That would be a rather disturbing pattern.”

“No, I’m looking for books.” You glance around the room. “And maybe something to do. Do you manage all the injured yourself?”

“Usually. Well, during the day, anyhow. We have another medic on standby at night. Did you meet her when you were here overnight?”

“I don’t really remember. I might have just fallen asleep.”

“Ah. Well, one medic is usually enough. Though we do have knights trained in emergency aid in case of large-scale disasters. If we get caught off guard by a sudden rain, for instance, or if there’s a major enemy attack. What we do then is just try to stabilize as many wounded as we can, and the medics examine them one by one once the immediate risk has passed.”

“Could you give me the training?”

“I don’t mind, but I’d have to get the captain’s approval before we could properly begin. And I have enough to talk to him about today already. Tell you what, take a few days to think about it and let me know if you still want to learn. For now, though, you wanted to borrow some books, didn’t you?”

He leads you into the small side room you were in before.

“Well, pick out whatever looks interesting to you. You’ve got a better sense of how your skills are advancing than I would.”

You decide to take two books and then head to dinner. What books are they?

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A book of ghost stories and a book about a caterpillar that devours absolutely everything. One looks a little more challenging than the other

The very hungry swamperpede
little house in the swamp

Author’s Note:

Careful readers may have noticed that the Tom making a lot of noise has changed from Fifth to Eighth.

This is actually a rare error in Tom numbering – I don’t believe I’ve messed it up at any other point. From here on out, Eighth is consistently the guy making noise, in addition to being a bit of a jerk.