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“Maybe it would be best to go somewhere else,” you say to Lisa. “If we stay here with this grouch, we’ll just be raining on each other’s parades…”

It takes you a moment to realize what you said, by which time Lisa is already fighting back tears. And Bernard is even more irritated than he was before.

“I’m sorry. I forgot how serious a matter the rain is around here.”

“I think I need to show you something,” Lisa says. She walks out, and you follow her. You soon realize that this is the path to the auditorium Jackson led you down an hour ago.

She steps inside.

“Jackson already showed me,” you say, carefully. “He said this room doesn’t see much use…”

“And thank the gods for that,” Lisa says, leading you towards the stage. “Jackson’s lucky. He hasn’t been here long enough to see one of its main uses.”

At the very back of the stage, there’s a large curtain, and Lisa pulls it aside, revealing dozens of plaques, each with a name on them.

“Memorials,” you say.

“These are the knights we’ve lost to the rain. When a knight doesn’t come back, we hold a service for them here. We were lucky enough not to lose anyone in the last storm, but even a day’s rain can mean casualties.”

She sighs, and you follow her eyes to a plaque marked Tom Third.

“Perhaps the worst part is that we never actually find the bodies. Makes it harder to accept that they’re truly gone.”

“I’m sorry I reminded you.”

“It’s all right. Not like I don’t think about it a lot already. Just, yeah, watch what you say. Nobody likes to talk about the rain.”

You appreciate her forgiveness, but the fact is, you’re still bothered that you forgot.

“I don’t suppose this is a good time for a hand of Swamprats,” you say, unsure how else to change the subject.

“Tom Third’s the one who taught me how to play it,” she says, still weeping a bit. “I can’t think of a better way to honor his memory.”

You pull out the deck she gave you the other day and deal out the hands. This time, your face-down card is the Six of Wings.

“You take the first turn,” she says.

You flip over the next card, and it’s a Monarch of Blades. What bet will you make?

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is it blades?

You’re going to fail at a poker face

(This was a tie between suit and rank so I asked outside the thread for a tiebreaker, which was “the opposite of the first choice”.)