Swamped Chapter 4 Page 11

“I’ll referee,” you say. You feel like you’ll learn more by watching them.

“Okay then. Left half is mine, right half is yours,” Mark says. “Since this is your first time playing, I’ll let you pick – first or second?”

“Second,” Lisa says confidently.

“You’re Red, then. Put your traps in your half and hand them to the ref.”

“Can I build a tower on my own traps?”

“Yeah. Nothing happens to you, because you know where the trap is, and if I build there later, I still get trapped. You can’t build under your command tower, though – that’s the one you start with.”

You soon get two pieces of paper, and you mark them “Mark” and “Lisa” so you don’t forget later. You then sit to watch the game.

It soon gets intense. The first few rounds are slow, as their towers are nowhere near each other, but once the first shots get fired it moves quickly. You’re not even sure if you’d be able to keep track of the traps if they weren’t announcing them; your only job is to confirm the hits.

But what you notice is that Mark’s territory is getting smaller and smaller, and soon enough, Lisa pipes up.

“Thirty-three towers. I believe that’s the game for me?”

Mark nods silently. He doesn’t seem happy.

“No need to be so upset. You taught me an interesting game. I’d be glad to have a rematch any time.”

“So he can lose some more?” the other knight chimes in. You’d nearly forgotten he was there.

“You stay out of this, Bernard!” Mark shouts. “You know full well I never wanted to see you again. I can’t believe you turned out to be in this filthy swamp, of all places.”

And with that, Mark grabs the board and pieces and storms out, leaving you and Lisa staring awkwardly at the other knight.

“I’ve got nothing to say to either of you. Mind your own damn business.”

With that, he buries his face in a book, leaving you to wonder just what happened.

What are you going to do now?

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The atmosphere in here got really hostile. Wanna go somewhere else and gossip?

Iirc there’s an auditorium, we could go there


Well, this is the perfect time for a rain joke!

oh my god no don’t do that