Swamped Chapter 4 Page 8

Some of the muck looks discolored, even by the swamp’s standards. Looking a bit closer, you think you see a necklace in there; some of the metal seems to be peeling off and dissolving, causing the odd patch.

You climb down and point it out to Jackson.

“I think I can grab it from here,” he says, pulling out a length of rope. “Going to need some sort of hook, though.”

You look around, but the best option you can find is a twig. You hand it to him.

“Maybe you can snag it on this?” you ask with a shrug.

“Worth a shot, at least.” He ties it to the end and flings the rope into the swamp. The twig catches the necklace, and Jackson starts pulling it up.

He doesn’t get far before something leaps out from the muck and bites off the end of the rope.

“Well! I guess that whoever lost that necklace isn’t getting it back.”

Jackson notices you shaking.

“Oh, you needn’t be so afraid. Muckdivers may look fierce, but they only eat plants. Otherwise, you leave them alone and they leave you alone.”

“Those were awfully sharp teeth for a herbivore!”

“They just use them for fighting back. Their bodies are built for swimming, if it weren’t for the teeth they’d have no defenses at all. Anyhow, I suppose we should report this, on the offchance that necklace belonged to one of us.”

“What about that?” you ask, pointing at the oddly-colored patch where the necklace lay.

“I’ll mention it too, but there’s not much we can do about it. Probably nothing serious, anyhow. Let’s get back, my break doesn’t last much longer.”

You head back, thank Jackson for his time, and return to the lounge. Maybe Lisa’s free now.

When you arrive, you find that Lisa is there. You also see Mark and the other knight who doesn’t like him, still pointedly staying away from each other.

But you also see someone else. Who is that?

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Some chump from another squad. They just got back from some kind of swamp-mission and are currently losing to Lisa in some kind of rapid draw card game.