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“Ah, yes. Your first proper combat session. Mary Thirteenth uses throwing gloves as well, so we thought she would have insights that might be useful to you. So head back to the combat training room when you’ve cleaned up.”

You thank her and head to the showers, clean your clothes, and about twenty minutes later you’re wandering the halls towards your training session.

On the way, you see John Medic and two knights you don’t recognize escorting the prisoner. The exchange must be happening soon. You’re curious about that, but you doubt you can get out of training to watch it.

“You don’t need to watch me that closely,” the prisoner grumbles. “I’m about to be a free man again, or at least as free as one can be in this miserable swamp. Couldn’t you take off the cuffs, at least?”

One of the knights shoves him forward. She doesn’t seem amused.

“And give you a chance to run off before we have our man back? No thanks. You’re staying right where I can see you.”

“You’ll be released in less than an hour if all goes well,” John Medic chimes in. “You can show a little patience, I should think.”

“Easy for you to say. You didn’t just spend two and a half days in a cell.”

“I spent five last year,” grumbles the other knight. “And you didn’t see me complaining when they finally let me out.”

“Yeah, but your base is way nicer than the Marsh Fortress. I just want to be able to actually enjoy that for a few minutes.”

“Get a move on!”

They walk off, taking no apparent notice of you. You suddenly realize that you’ve just been standing here listening to them talk; you’ve only got two minutes left to get to the training room.

Assuming you don’t do something foolish like following them, of course.

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Go to class!!!!

Follow them for a little bit, at least. See if something interesting happens. You can say you got lost on the way back to the training room!

Follow them.