Swamped Chapter 39 Page 17

This is looking like an emergency.

“Rudolph. We might need to use the beacon bugs, in case Simone’s lost out there.”

Rudolph looks doubtful.

“It’s your call, but judging by what happened to Gascoign, I’m not sure ‘lost’ is what we should be worried about. For all we know, she could be hiding out in the junkyard until the danger passes.”

Time’s of the essence, but Rudolph has a point and you need to think about it for a moment. It would be a good deal easier if you had any idea what exactly Gascoign ran into – you’ve never seen wounds like that from a beast.

Unfortunately, your train of thought is interrupted by a loud noise outside. Dammit, is that the sandy-mockers Jebediah was complaining about? You can’t concentrate like this, so you head out to investigate.

That’s when you see Rider fighting two cloaked raiders in the middle of the camp. One of them has a large, sharp bladed disc, which gives you some idea of what happened to Gascoign.

What should you do?

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Bird. Calls.

Oh dang, I bet it’s the guys who were after Pubert’s lodestone!

Sound the general alarm and then run down there to see if you can distract the brutes. (Such as by making uncannily accurate bird noises.)