Swamped Chapter 39 Page 9

Well. You’re in a good mood, so this is probably about as prepared as you’ll be for paying Jebediah a visit. You go towards the chapel.

It’s not that you dislike him. You feel sympathy for him, even. You’ve got your own problems with the church, after all, and they line up pretty well with his.

But damn, the man’s never happy. You’ve never seen a grebling in such a low mood all the time. Belle’s tried her best, but nothing seems to give him any joy.

“What do you want?” Jeb mutters as you step in. Then he pauses. “Oh, it’s you, chief. Good to see you back. You here to give Reth a little thanks for her guidance or somethin’?”

“Actually, I’m here to check how your instruments are doing. You’ve got another job here, after all.”

“Right,” Jeb grumbles. “Figures it’d be work. What do you need me to look at, again?”

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These figures, they’re literally off the charts