Swamped Chapter 39 Page 4

Well. There’s one grebling around here who’s never busy – Gascoign, who claims to be retired and only ever seems to emerge for meals.

Not that they show up at actual mealtimes, mind. Someone, like you, might give them work.

It’s still a good while before lunch, so they might still be in the mess tent. You head over there, and sure enough, there’s Gascoign with a bowl of stew.

“Gascoign,” you say calmly. They give you a glare.

“Don’t interrupt when I’m eating.”

“Weren’t you on junkyard duty back in the day? I think Simone went over there, but she hasn’t come back. I need someone to check it out, and you seem to have the time for it.”

Gascoign just grumbles, slurps down the rest of their stew, and heads out. You’ve seen that defeated pose enough times to know that they’re getting to work. Hopefully, they’ll find Simone soon.

You can’t really think about that right now, though. You’ve got a lot of other business to take care of.

What should you work on next?

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Better check on how the recalibration of the instruments is going. Seems they’ve been wonky since the last gateway opened.

Ugh…Gascoign left without paying! Better pull out some unruly Grebling currency before someone tries to accuse him of meal theft and pull him away from his work.