Swamped Chapter 39 Page 3

It takes a moment for the name to come to you. But then you remember who she named it after, and chuckle a bit at the thought of ordering him around.

“Listen up, Jeremy!”

“The patients all seem stable, so I’ve finally got some breathing room to get to the junkyard. Just as long as no one asks me to do anything else before I go there…”

That sounds like Simone, all right. She’s a hard worker, but she also has trouble saying no, even when she’s already got something to do. Must have been even worse for the last two days when you weren’t around to keep her on task.

But a trip to the junkyard and back shouldn’t have taken her this long. This is worrying.

You’d really like to go out and search for her yourself, but there’s too much to keep an eye on here. So who can you send to check the junkyard?

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Ol’ “Junk picker” Gascoign would be good for it, if you catch them before they finish their meal.