Swamped Chapter 38 Page 7

Ugh. You feel like you were back in that moment. You almost want to apologize to Starling again.

But what good would that do? She’s probably forgotten the whole mess by now. Even if she hasn’t, every day she’s been clear enough about forgiving you.

Even if she still won’t tell you what the hell she needs to talk to the boss about.

Ugh. The boss. You’d forgotten until now what he’d done, that he’d kept you from making a huge mistake. Probably because all the boneheaded things he’s done since then were fresher in your mind.

And then there’s Marshall, who you’ve just been trying your damnedest not to think about. Marshall may not have actually been involved in any of the messes your old life gave you, but you really don’t appreciate seeing a living, breathing reminder of those unpleasant times.

You feel just terrible. Why’d this stupid little grebling lady have to get your thoughts going like this? You weren’t thinking about any of this twenty minutes ago… well, no, you were, you just didn’t want to deal with those thoughts.

And you’re not ready to talk about any of this. You just sit in the chair, stewing silently. Belle doesn’t try to interrupt; somehow that makes it all the more infuriating.

Finally, you’ve had enough.

“It’s too damn quiet in here!” you snap suddenly.

“Well! I may just know how we can give you something to listen to,” Belle says. “I’ll just need to see how busy Yvonne is. You can come with me if you like, or you can wait here until we’re ready.”

“Might as well tag along, got nothing else to do,” you grumble.

You’re now Yvonne, and though you just got back to camp a little while ago, you’re already quite busy.

What demands your attention right at the moment?

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Simone has gone missing and you’re trying to track her down, which involves talking to those who saw her last.

The only problem is the last one to see her was a sandy-mocker, an annoying crow-like bird with a penchant for making grebling sounds.