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“Honestly? Corvus didn’t do a damn thing at first. Didn’t matter what anyone did, he just shrugged it off. We weren’t getting any missions, either, so I got bored. After about a week of that, I started trying to get him to kick me off the squad, just to see what they’d do with me when they ran out of options.”

“What sort of things did you do?” Belle asks.

“Mostly I picked fights with Legs. It was real easy to set him off. I think it bothered him we weren’t doing anything – he wasn’t just bored, he was upset. Thought he was missing out on chances to show how much his old squad had misunderstood him. The guy was full of himself, honestly. So I’d give him a good knock to the head whenever I got tired of his ranting, which happened about once a day or so.”

“And Corvus didn’t do anything about it?”

“Nah. Maybe the boss figured he had it coming, maybe he just didn’t care about anything. Honestly, sometimes I forgot he was there. Anyhow, neither of us had done much fighting before this squad, but Legs had a little more practice than me, so the fights didn’t usually go so great for me. Didn’t stop me, though. I just plain didn’t have anything better to do.”

Belle writes some things down for a bit, just long enough to get on your nerves before she asks her next question.

“And how did you get on with the other squad members?”

Not well at all – you couldn’t even stand Starling back then. But how should you explain that to her?

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You ever meet anybody who’s so different from you that you can’t believe they exist? Like you think they must be faking it for kicks?