Swamped Chapter 37 Page 8

You can’t think of anything at the moment, so you thank Simone for her trouble, then you just lie down and try to sleep.

It doesn’t work very well. It’s not even the heat, or the restless feeling in your legs; no, the more you try to sleep, the more you feel as though there’s something nearby, something… important.

Is it your imagination playing tricks on you? Or is this somehow tied to your newfound magical awareness?

You glance over at Dominique. Maybe once she finishes what she’s doing, you can ask her about this.

You’re now Rivers, and you’re not happy.

The grebling doctor gave you a quick checkup, said you seemed fine, and suggested you go see someone called Belle.

So you’re sitting in the entrance to her tent while she does… something. She’s acknowledged you, but she seems to just be looking through some papers rather than talking or doing anything useful.

You don’t even know what this is all about. It seems like a big waste of time. The only reason you’re not more upset is that there’s nothing to do in this desert anyway.

So what in the hells are you supposed to do now?

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Screw it. Better check on Starling.