Swamped Chapter 37 Page 4

First things first. You’re thirsty.

“Can I get some water now,” you ask. “And, um. Could the rest of you give me some space.”

“Sorry,” Robert says. “We, um, can get a little over-enthusiastic. I’ll see what I can do.”

He starts wandering around, asking various other greblings to leave. As he does, another one wanders up to you with a glass.

“Sorry about that,” she says. “Yvonne was hoping to get you breakfast, but, well, then you collapsed. Robert said you shouldn’t eat for a bit, but water’s all right. I’m sure he’d tell you himself if he weren’t so busy.”

“Thanks,” you say, taking a sip. “Er, what’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Simone. Mostly I study the way sound travels, but as that’s not a large part of our experiments out here, I’m also in charge of food preparation. And I lend a hand when someone else is overworked. Poor Robert here has had to check on all the humans today just to make sure the rest of them aren’t sick.”

“Oh. Is anyone sick?”

“Well, he hasn’t had a look at Rider yet, but Captain Long seems to have made a complete recovery thanks to whatever you did. Pubert has some minor injuries, probably due to being tied up. Corvus has a headache, but is otherwise fine. Starling has some symptoms he couldn’t identify by himself, seems to be a common swamp disease though. And Rivers is fine physically, but he wanted to refer her to Belle for a psychiatric evaluation. Oh, but I guess I shouldn’t talk too much about that, though.”

“Probably not,” you agree. You’re curious, but it’s really not your business. You look around; it seems Robert’s finally cleared most of the other greblings out, though he seems to be having an argument with the one looking over your clothes. From what you can hear, it sounds like she’s quite insistent about staying.

Well. Now what?

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I guess you’ll have to get up starkers and wander over to see what all this ether business is about. Unless you can borrow some oversized grebling clothes somehow.

Is that your Flame’s thrower? Why are they interested in that?