Swamped Chapter 37 Page 3

You wake up, and you’re not alone.

There’s a number of greblings here, all wearing that same protective suit. But they seem to have opted for distinctive colors, at least, so you can tell that Robert is among them.

“Terribly sorry!” he says. “Um, I was conducting an examination after you fell unconscious, but it seems something you did registered on Theodore’s instruments, and, well, quite a number of us have questions now.”

“I’ve got a question, too,” you say groggily. “Where are my clothes?”

“Ah. Yes. Well, er, Dominique’s studying them right now, something about ether readings. Oh, but you probably shouldn’t worry about getting dressed just yet, you’ve got heat stroke. Should be fine in a few hours, but I’ll need to keep an eye on you until then just in case.”

You can barely even remember what happened. Your arm still aches… except, you realize, after a moment, the pain is in the arm that isn’t there any more. The arm you still have doesn’t really hurt at all.

Perhaps Long or Rider can explain something about this later. For the moment, you’re still trying to clear your head. And maybe get some of these greblings to give you some space.

What should you do?

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Ask for a drink and some quiet time, if they’d be so kind. You’re a li’l overwhelmed rn.