Swamped Chapter 36 Page 13

“You do not quite understand the position you are in, I see. You think Blackhorn trusts you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Blackhorn and I, we go back quite a ways. Back to when I first came to this swamp. It was bad times for me, then, but Blackhorn understood me.”

“So what, you think you can trust her? Think she wouldn’t be involved in this business?”

“No, no. I know she is involved. Because I asked her to be.”

He sneers.

“You trying to pull something funny? We’ve been on this assignment since we were both in Kandria. You can’t trick me with your mind games.”

He’s probably not bluffing. If he thought he’d picked the wrong phony name, he’d be acting more worried. But he seems primarily confused, convinced you’re just trying another approach to get more out of him.

“Perhaps you need some more sleep, then.”

You fire your last dart at him. You’ll need some time to restock.

You step out and tell Razor that Splittongue’s partner was Blackhorn. He thanks you, and says he’ll take it from here.

You’re worn out, so you opt to leave it at that. Hopefully, this “mutiny” business will be cleared up by the morning.

“Hey, wake up, kid.”

You’re now Marshall again, and you can’t really tell how long you’ve been asleep. Corvus is glaring at you – it’s not a comfortable position to wake up in.

“What’s going on?”

“We’ve reached camp,” Yvonne says. “Rider’s resting, finally, or at least he says he is. He wants you to go pay a visit to your captain in the infirmary right away. We should have breakfast ready for you by the time you’re done.”

Well, that seems clear enough. Is there anything you need to take care of before seeing Captain Long?

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You can’t do anything about the epic cramp in your neck or the beginnings of a dehydration headache right now, but you may as well check to make sure your book’s still there.