Swamped Chapter 36 Page 12

“You don’t know anything.”

“No? I heard you talking. I know you work for Kandria. I know you tried to set up the lady Mudviper. I know you are starting mutiny. Just from that, I know more than enough to give you big trouble.”

He’s sweating, but he’s not talking. He must be hiding something even worse.

“Did you sleep well, Splittongue?”

“You knocked me out!”

“And I gave you comfortable bed to lie on. Could have been more crowded. Only have one room, after all, and it is hard to question two people at once. But, fortunately, there was no need to keep both of you in here.”

He seems confused for a while, then defiant.

“Pah! I see what you’re up to. You want me to think Blackhorn spilled the beans so I won’t hold back. But she’d never blab. You’re not getting a peep out of me.”

That was… almost too easy. You worry he might have caught on, and given you a false name. You need some way to figure out if he made a genuine slip-up or if he’s trying to lead you down a bad trail.

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BLACKHORN? how funny. You know blackhorn. You two go way back. She was the first one who laughed at your sweet tats. She gave you a great backrub that one time you fell off of the swamp-horse.

(That is not a drinking metaphor, there was a literal creature called a swamp horse and you SHOULD NOT try to ride it because your back will get SORE.)

Anyway Blackhorn was coincidentally the worst name this person could have said. Just let them on that you know they’re full of it and give them the bad needle.