Swamped Chapter 36 Page 11

“Splittongue. Don’t think it means I’m going to say much to you.”

You think back to your early days. Before you found this swamp, and before Rider put you in Bluesight’s unit.

People were afraid of you. You could only grasp why because, to a degree, you were afraid of them; they spoke words you barely understood, and dodged your gaze in the streets.

That was back when you still showed your coming-of-age tattoos proudly. A small dog on the back of your hand represents the short time you have been on this earth, fiercely barking at the long serpent of mortality. A sign of your determination to survive.

But the people here only saw beasts.

You take off your outermost layer of armor, and roll up your sleeves, folding your arms for maximum effect. You’re not that muscular, perhaps, but you’re hardly scrawny.

“A pity. I gave you all that time for a nice relaxing nap, and you repay my kindness with silence.”

“Hmmph. We’re not telling you anything.”

“No? Perhaps if you realize all that I know, you will be more forthcoming.”

You might need to bluff here. Splittongue said “we”, and that’s when you’ve realized something important – he’s been out, and has no idea that his partner got away.

So if you convince him that his partner is already caught, he might let their name slip out carelessly. That would make things quite a bit easier.

The best option you can see is to imply that his partner’s already talked. He’d likely blurt the name out in rage, to say nothing of what other information he might be willing to part with.

So. How can you pull off that ruse?

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Language isn’t your strong point. Hoping to catch the nuance of his words will just lead to confusion, but his tone, his body language, you can learn a lot from that.

Splittongue knows you aren’t in a normal cell. Imply this is your own chambers.

It is difficult getting information when two people talk, so I let one sleep. If they are friendly, they leave, if not, they sleep.

Of course there’s only Splttongue in here now. Let them do the math.